Friday, 13 January 2017

2016 Great? - 2017 More Than Great!

I can’t really remember thinking about how 2016 would turn out this time last year, but for many reasons, some personal and some general, it was a great year. Looking back now at the general reasons, top of the list must be the vote for us to leave the European Union (Brexit), with the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA a good second. The picture of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage, taken after their meeting not long after Trump’s success in the American presidential election, has to be the photograph of the year being as good as a two-fingered salute to the liberal left wing types who love all the PC stuff and welcome never-ending immigration, blind as they are to the negative effects of both.

These two events are indicative of the general feeling that the “people” have had enough of the powers that be treating us as if we are a commodity, with no concerns regarding the feelings we have of being placed second all of the time. Political Correctness and the accelerating Islamification of our nation has brought us to a tipping point. However, there is still much to do, but with the “people” realising that they can make a difference, by making the effort and challenging the “big” people, who knows what can happen in 2017!

So, what needs doing?

Well, for one, we actually need to remove ourselves from the EU. Our Prime Minister, Theresa May has promised she will, by 31st March 2017, invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which is fairly straightforward and is as follows:-
1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, (a qualified majority shall be defined in accordance with Article 238(3)(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union), after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.

3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

4. For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3, the member of the European Council or of the Council representing the withdrawing Member State shall not participate in the discussions of the European Council or Council or in decisions concerning it.
Yes, that’s all. However it does seem that a lot more is being made of this process than is actually necessary. Why we cannot simply tell the EU we’ve voted to leave and that’s it we’re off, I fail to understand? We shall see what develops over the next three months. In the meantime those who voted against us leaving the EU are still wailing about how we must have another referendum and that the country will fall down the toilet as a result of us leaving. We used to call these people “bad losers”. Sadly for the bad losers we live in a democracy and, so far, the Brexit result is being upheld.

UKIP, with Nigel Farage as leader, can certainly be very proud of their involvement in the achievement of Brexit but until we are definitely out they need to stay alert to foul play such that a full and complete break is not achieved.
Certainly many of us are very much looking forward to our total separation from the EU and the removal of all symbols of it!

But that’s only the start, other events to look forward to in 2017 include the collapse of both the Labour Party, partly as a result of Jeremy Corbyn’s abysmal leadership and partly through its failure to address the concerns of the traditional working class support, and also the collapse of the Liberal Democrats, who seem to have largely disappeared down the same hole as their Mr Nobody leader! Then, if Brexit goes according to plan, UKIPs work will be done and their support will fall away rapidly leaving many without a political home.

So what then? The hope, in Nationalist circles, is that such a mass will work together towards a Nationalist agenda, which hopefully will be tailored to the needs of the 21st century and not that of the 20th. The latter would be a big mistake and not a feasible way forward. There are many problems from which Nationalism currently suffers and these need urgent attention in overcoming, not least is some unity! However, until sensible people sit down and discuss sensible solutions to these problems rather than dwelling on their own little empires and beliefs, which are, frankly, time-expired, then there will be no progress. We will not win this war by whinging on Facebook or Twitter etc. Ego’s and petty squabbles need to be left at the door and an agenda, a manifesto for the 21st century needs to be drafted, discussed and agreed whilst ensuring it is rasoned enough to appeal to the concerns of the general public and not just to hardcore Nationalists.

Sterling efforts are being made in Nationalist circles to begin this process via the London Forum and lately the South West Forum but more needs to be done with some form of timetable and basic plan of what needs to be achieved and by when. The time has never been better for us to take the initiative and move this forward before it is too late. Hopefully more met will be put on the bones of these hopes in the months to come, so keep an eye on this blog.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

St George for England!

We patriotic English folk have just one recognised day each year and that is 23rd April when we celebrate Saint George's Day. Surprisingly, not all Englishmen are aware of this nor celebrate the fact, but, I suspect make more of St Patricks Day, the day for the Irish. The Irish are, of course, as are the Welsh with St David's Day and the Scottish with St Andrew's Day, seen to have a perfect right and are actively encouraged to celebrate their own national days. However, when we English want to do so we are deemed racist, as is the case when we fly our national flag and this has been the case for too long now. The BBC, SKY and other national media completely ignored the day. I did think that times were changing and the English were standing up and making more of their heritage and culture, refusing to be cowed by the politically correct fascists that still seem to have so much power and influence in our country. It does though seem to be working both ways however, with some areas standing up as proud Englishmen and celebrating the day, whilst in some areas the celebration has been completely banned and ignored.

The following extracts have been taken from an article written back in early 1996 and found in a magazine, called England, My Country, although this sadly ceased publication in the late 1990’s, The magazine was published in support of a political party called the National Democrats, which no longer exists.

Well, April 23rd came and went and as per usual, there was little, if any celebration of St. George’s Day. This lack of celebration was of course mentioned in the media (albeit on a small scale) as a handful of patriots had their usual moan. 

Now what I did notice this year was that practically all high street card shops ..... were selling St. Georges Day cards. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first year that I have noticed this and the cards were on prominent display amongst the relevant flags.

Why is England’s Day rarely remembered by celebration and the style it so deserves when the national days of Scotland, Wales and Ireland are forced home with such vigour?  It appears that those who have least to celebrate seem to celebrate most! Perhaps us meek English have an inbuilt sense of pride that we live with each and every day of our lives.

Perhaps we English scorn and scoff at this kind of celebration as it only brings out one-day-a-year patriots? Perhaps our people have been brainwashed into believing that our past is so evil it is better forgotten. God knows they’ve tried to do that over the years!

Whatever we feel, or whatever way we live our lives, we must do more to ensure that our National Day and our Englishness is brought into the spotlight next year and in years to come.

This still rings as true today as it did twenty years ago. However to emphasise the two extremes experienced this year I provide details of events or non-events at both ends of the scale. Firstly, a very positive development with an event that took place in my home town of Calne, Wiltshire. Mr and Mrs Leaning, the landlords of the White Hart Hotel, a very popular pub in Calne put on their first medieval St George's Day celebration and it is hoped this becomes an annual event in the town’s calendar. Mrs Leaning was reported as saying “I bet nowhere in Wiltshire has done anything similar to this for St George's Day. It was great" and had been approached by " ... three different councillors ask(ing) me if we were going to do it again next year which is always a good sign".

The event took place on the town's Green, the White Hart bordering this, and included battles between knights of the realm, to ferret racing displays and a jester school for children. Almost 1,000 local people attended the six-hour event. A picture (courtesy of BP) of the White Hart, bedecked with English flags and a view of the event are below (for info - each year for the annual festival of remembrance, the White Hart displays large poppies in place of the English flags and this is also an unparalleled display in my experience).

So from a truly patriotic English experience to a disgraceful display of betrayal of it's people, by the West country English city council in Bristol! I do hope the English folk in Bristol remember this betrayal when it comes time to vote for their local representatives.

Bristol City Council allowed the national day to pass without a single event for the English patron saint, despite the city having a history dating back to 1222.

Council chiefs are reported as saying that as 91 different languages are spoken in the city it would be "... very difficult to commemorate them all". Apparently some in the area feel as though the English symbol has been hijacked by far-right groups and are concerned about being branded "racist". Mx Kalphna Woolf, founder of 91 Ways To Build A Global City, an organisation which aims to unite Bristol's "multi-cultural" communities, but obviously seeks to alienate and disenfranchise the English, said people can be frightened of the white and red St George's flag. She said "There was a point in the past when I'd see the St George's Day flag flying and it would frighten me, as it had been taken over by 'we are England' type groups". She added "But more and more that flag has been used to unite people in recent years and I am very pleased we live under that flag". This confused and deluded woman also said that when her father was in India, he fought for the British Army and had a real affinity with British culture (British, though, not English!).

I'm not sure how Mx Woolf manages to live in Bristol as presumably she never has to travel through the Bristol district of St George.

This politically-correct, left-wing madness has to stop and the English need to stand up and not be afraid to fly their flag or celebrate their day. As a member of the English Democrats, I shall be in Calne for the English celebration of St George in 2017, hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pegida v. Islam

In my last blog entry I mentioned that I have been politically inactive for some time and as that was written in October last year it shows things haven't changed a great deal. However, I am sure many old comrades will understand and share the disillusionment felt when Nick Griffin began his destruction of the British National Party by ostracizing and removing those good Nationalists who were there for the cause and not for self-serving reasons. There have been may attempts at unifying the Nationalist groups that formed after splintering from the BNP, as well as bringing back on board those individuals who aligned with none.

Unfortunately all attempts at unification have resulted in nothing and those small groups have become smaller and the egotistical small fish in big ponds have caused much infighting resulting in making the movement a laughing stock in the eyes of those who are there to destroy us. If the leading lights in the movement had taken more decisive action when the first signs of the BNP crash became apparent, then the success the BNP had, in terms of councillors and MEPs elected, could well have been capitalised upon and taken to another level. We could have been in the position that UKIP find themselves, with massive publicity and general mainstream acceptance, but the general Nationalist position goes from bad to worse with nothing that gives me any confidence that traditional racial Nationalism is going anywhere at this time, so we have what we have.

Consequently, we need to adapt and although the hard-line, traditional Nationalists will baulk at this and consider any changes to the agenda developed in the 60s and 70s as impossible, we really must make some radical changes if we are going to take anything from the ashes of our movement. If we are serious about retaining any National identity at all then we really must change and prioritise the threats that face us.

Of course, there are many threats that face us but only one of these can be deemed urgent enough to require high priority action at this time. That urgency is due to how quickly this particular threat has forced its way upon us and caused the powers that be to adapt our way of life because of it and it will, if not stopped, become the threat that destroys us.

That threat is Islam and in the ten-year period from 2001 to 2011 the Muslim population in England and Wales has risen by 75%, when the total population has increased by less than 10%. This population growth in itself shows that our days are truly numbered unless we address this problem and eradicate this threat. It may also be of interest that in my lifetime the number of Muslims has increased from 50,000 to over 3,000,000, with 7 mosques now totalling almost 2,000! If any reader thinks Islam is a blight on our society now, just think what it will be like when there are millions more of them, with the influence and power those numbers will wield!

Consequently my political activity, of late, has been to support the only organisation that is actively working to eradicate this threat and to openly challenge what Islam stands for and what it is doing to this country. That organisation is Pegida. I know that many Nationalists are very anti- Pegida and its leaders but that's where I said radical change is needed. We need to assess whether or not we are serious about Islam being a threat or would rather stand by our old Nationalist principles and do nothing but bitch about Islam hoping that it'll just go away. I do not see any others putting their lives on the line in the way that Tommy Robinson has and believe him to be genuinely concerned about tackling Islam, along with Paul Weston and Anne Marie Waters

I see no other organisation that has the potential to tackle Islam and although the Pegida leadership has openly said that they do not welcome the BNP or the NF etc., I see the threat as being urgent enough to set aside the old agenda in order to work together against Islam. Nothing on the old agenda can ever, (although our exit from the EU will help in protecting our borders), be successfully taken forward if Islam isn't dealt with.

As a consequence of my stance, I have already been called a "f****** traitor" by an anonymous twitter follower (you can find me on twitter as @robertbaggs). I mention "anonymous" as this is an area which really rankles, in that, if the cause you believe in is as important as you think it is, then why hide behind pseudonyms? Additionally I find it interesting that the biggest flak for this stance will come from those who are fighting for the cause and future of the white race but have actually, other than made a lot of noise about it, ever done anything practical about it by way of increasing our race and had children. Look again at the population statistics above, Muslims are out-breeding us! This point, as well as the initial publicising of child-grooming by Muslims, are two things Nick Griffin did get right!

So, I am, for the time being, prepared to join forces with those whoever they may be, fighting against Islam and yes, was photographed standing by an ex-Muslim Pakistani waving the flag of his nation. As the old saying goes "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". So unless readers are actively fighting Islam or are producing children, then any arguments you may have against my position are worthless.

I will be marching again in Birmingham on Saturday 2nd April, in silence and with no party political identification or affiliation, as the Pegida leadership has requested, in the next step to fighting the "wicked, dangerous faith of Islam" described by Nick Griffin ten years ago.

Nothing else is more important at this time.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Beginning of the End or The End of the Beginning?

There comes a time when one has to admit that enough is enough, even if you feel no longer able to comprehend the deeds that others do. I believed that as I became older and more mature (allegedly) I would become more relaxed about life, but it seems that is contrary to what actually happens, certainly for me. I was quite active, politically, some time ago, first with the National Front, then during their transition to the National Democrats and then with the British National Party during their glory years, and finally with the English Democrats. However, I have been pretty inactive since Nick Griffin went mad and caused the collapse of the BNP and with it the fragmentation of British Nationalism resulting in very many good Nationalists I had known and respected, drifting away to inactivity and generally await the apocalypse.

I had the very good fortune to take early retirement at the end of 2014 and have, as I had always done, kept a watching brief on all things Nationalist. In so doing it became even more apparent that our wonderful politicians have learnt nothing and seem even more intent on destroying this once great nation of ours. In recent months this has worsened as they encourage and welcome, a currently, peaceful invasion of our shores by who can only be described as enemies of our culture and traditions. I delved deeply to understand why my fellow countrymen would do this but have failed to come up with an answer, other than they are power mad and in some deluded way feel that they are being "good people". What makes it worse is that there is currently no credible force to counter what is happening. UKIP have stepped into the void and despite some good intentions are going to fizzle out if and when we decide to get out of Europe, leaving no force who actually want what the real British people want. In forthcoming posts I will also explain my views on why I feel current British Nationalist parties are not likely to become major players and save the British nation.

I also once believed in Britain as a nation until fairly recently, but with the rise of Scottish nationalism and particularly their success at the last general election, I decided that, actually, England would be better off on it's own, what with this under-current where they and the Welsh seem to have this basic dislike of the English and wish ill on us wherever they can and would be happier to rule themselves, so why not let them. The English were once a great and powerful nation and could be again, so consequently I tend to refer to events as they affect the English and support the English Democrats, small though they may be, but they could just be the right choice for us to stand behind in returning England to their rightful position as a major independent player in this world of ours.

My generation will, possibly, see out the last years of England when having the capability for recovery but only if we take action now. Thereafter there will be no hope, so in my small way I will be attempting to reverse the sorry state this land has become, for the sake of my children and their children and those who follow on.

The first stage of this recovery is to fully support an exit from the EU before the EU destroys the English nation and divides us into regions. Only when we have control of our nation again will we be in a position to take steps to right all the wrongs that we have suffered in the last fifty years.

I will continue this in my next post.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

English Democrats, Oh English Democrats!

It seems politics is becoming interesting again. It also seems that there are a few people who still check my blog despite it not being updated for a year and even then it was very irregular. Consequently, for both reasons I thought the time was now right to begin writing again in the hope that it might make a little difference.

To start I thought I would edit and republish the following which was originally published in late 2010, nearly 4 years ago. Time sadly does fly by far too quickly!! I also intend to add at least one item per week as I do enjoy writing and hope that, as a bonus, some readers may also enjoy what I write.

Elements from my previous article are in italics and updates to it are not.

I did have great hopes for the British Democratic Party, who I thought would take the Nationalist baton from the British National Party but the party failed to meet my expectations and unless a great deal of work is now done, will sadly fail at the starting blocks. Consequently, with that disappointment and my increasing belief that the Union only serves to support the weaker nations, who it seems, resent what the English have achieved in so many ways, consider the only way forward is actually with an English party who fights for all things English.

Well, my decision is made and I’m now a paid up member of the English Democrats. Having been out of active politics for the best part of 2 years (obviously now 6 years!). it’s not been an easy or quick decision to make but I think it is the right one after considering all of my options, but obviously excluding anything left-wing or the LibLabCon. Recent events have shown me that all three parties are even more past their sell-by date than they were when I wrote this first. The Lib Dems under the “leadership” of Nick Clegg are now completely out of touch. The recent debates with Nigel Farage of UKIP have shown Clegg to be an inept liar and totally lacking in understanding of what is important to the indigenous population of these lands. I guess you’d expect nothing more from a career politician born with a silver spoon in his mouth. What was even more surprising about the debates was that he seems to have lost his bottle. His debating performance against Cameron and Brown was applauded but Farage wiped the floor with him. It’s no wonder that Cameron and Miliband have said they will refuse to debate with Farage.

My research involved a review of the details contained on the Electoral Commission web-site and if you haven’t looked at it already have a delve at the information contained there about all political parties.

Having spent 10 years as a supporter and member of the British National Party, it was a wrench but having seen the dramatic rise in popularity followed by the extreme mis-management, impropriety and collapse under Nick Griffin’s leadership I could not possibly contemplate a return.
The following information has changed quite a bit since originally written, but it seems even more apparent that Griffin as a state asset was tasked with collapsing the far-right and has destroyed the BNP in the same way he destroyed the NF. Additionally the BNP is now in a better financial position but still owes money with the Decembrists situation still, I believe, hanging over him and possibly the Michaela Mackenzie case as I’ve seen nothing to indicate this was settled. With the party on the verge of financial collapse I would urge all its members to get out while they can. With rumoured debts of around £700,000 and outstanding costs from court cases involving Unilever, Michaela Mackenzie’s Employment Tribunal, Equality and Human Rights Commission and the “December Rebels” someone is shortly going to find themselves very much out of pocket. The latter of these incidents prompted my decision to stand down from active involvement, knowing what dedicated and decent Nationalists Kenny and Nicholla Smith, Steve Blake and Ian Dawson are. The first link in the following sentence no longer works and Eddy Butler has gone very quiet of late but is believed to have joined the English Democrats. To see in more detail how and why the BNP are falling apart have a look at Eddy Butler's blog (no longer available) and if you want to know more about Eddy then see this link Wikipedia Eddy Butler. The latest information provided to me shows that the BNP has less than 2000 members and in the Nationalist community, as well as predicted by almost all political commentators, it is believed that Griffin will not keep his seat in the European Parliament. Having been bankrupted it is very likely that he will disappear from the political scene, presumably having squirrelled away the hundreds of thousands of pounds accumulated during his time as an MEP.

The following paragraph, as do some later ones refers to short-lived parties who had very little impact on the political landscape and no longer exist with their flash-in-the-pan leaders disappearing into oblivion. It seems that some of the BNP rejects are heading to the British Freedom Party. Expelled BNP members Peter Mullins, Michaela Mackenzie and Simon Bennett together with Lee Barnes formed the BFP only recently (see British Freedom Party Wikipedia entry). However the party is already in trouble with party treasurer John Savage resigning after falling out with Lee Barnes and nothing having been heard or seen of party leaders Peter Mullins and Michaela Mackenzie since the appallingly produced and acted introductory video posted on their site. The party is trying desperately to appeal to disenfranchised Nationalists announcing such high profile defections, from the BNP, as unelected councillor Mick Simpkins. Barry Bennett has also recently joined so they will have at least one member who knows what he’s doing! I think it might be obvious that I have not been impressed with the BFP.

Next to UKIP the biggest of the group of parties loosely classed as Nationalist. UKIP had much promise when it managed to get a fair few MEPs elected in the 2004 Euro-elections, but it failed to deliver and despite being a supposedly anti-EU party have had no impact whatsoever either with the EU or in domestic politics back home.
However, in the last couple of years their profile has increased rapidly with my insider contact reporting that they now have over 35,000 members. Farage’s recent performance in televised debates with Nick Clegg, as mentioned above, has increased his popularity and is expected to do very well indeed in the European Parliament elections in May this year. Unfortunately, Farage has made the same mistake as nearly all other political leaders in essentially denying the existence of the English nation. It really is time that the English took appropriate action to prevent the extinction of the English identity. The only party supporting that stance is, of course, the English Democrats.

I have great respect for The National Front, (the web-site links here have been removed), having cut my political teeth with them in the early 90’s but they are making a big mistake in sticking so steadfastly to their unworkable policy on repatriation i.e. ".... the National Front would halt all non-white immigration into Britain and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation. Such a policy would be expected to extend over 10-15 years and its completion would thus depend on the recurrent election of successive NF governments". Although seen by hard-core Nationalists as being “true to the cause” it simply means that the party will never be accepted by the vast majority of the voting population in this country and will never reach the heights it did in the late 70’s.
Although, a couple of years ago, the NF showed great promise in taking the membership from the disintegrating BNP, they themselves seemed destined to self-destruct and there now exist two National Front factions after a split in the leadership. This situation has given rise to legal action in an attempt to resolve the matter, a costly and further divisive course of action and currently rendering the NF inactive in electoral terms. This together with the insistence of some of the key players to regularly refer to all of the problems we have here as a "ZOG conspiracy" renders them totally inaccessible to the vast majority of British Nationalists, let alone the British public.

The England First Party are just a smaller version of the NF with a broadly but not as specific policy on repatriation i.e. "Stop all further immigration and start a programme of voluntary repatriation of non-European immigrants back to their lands of ancestral origin”.
This is another party no longer with us, but the link above does take you to the site for probably the only decent nationalist magazine now available, that being “Heritage And Destiny”.

An even smaller party, the English Independence Party (web-site now unavailable) led by Andrew Constantine has presumably disbanded, having, been formed in April 2000, as Andrew Constantine registered the English Peoples’ Party in February 2008 (a very, very small party now with only a Facebook presence).

Yet another new party - One England has only very recently formed, I’m not sure how they will do but with only a (seemingly now disabled) Facebook page and no web-site as yet it looks like it is going to be a struggle.

Next the “will they or won’t they” English Defence League, not strictly a political party but currently looking at the options for introducing a form of membership, if the posting on their Facebook site on Sunday, 14 November 2010 is anything to go on. “There is a lot of Rumours going round with regards to a membership scheme. So to set the record straight – At the request of a large proportion of the EDL we are looking into the option of a voluntary membership scheme”. Potentially, with the support they have, they would rival any of the existing Nationalist parties for members but probably not for support at the polls.
Now that their well-known leader Tommy Robinson, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, or whatever he calls himself at the moment, having left to join the counter-extremism think-tank The Quilliam Foundation but having seemingly disappeared from their web-site as a result of his sentencing in January this year to 18 months in prison, for three counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by misrepresentation in relation to a mortgage application, and so will be out of action for some time. As with Griffin, the suspicions in right-wing circles is that our Tommy was “turned” by the powers that be.

So finally to the English Democrats who pretty much have the policies, that are potentially acceptable to the electorate and that I am comfortable with. The party has a membership of similar size to that of the BNP when I joined and so I feel that much can be achieved in the future, particularly if it does not get side-tracked by dalliances with other Nationalist groups. I have confidence that any differences in that area can be overcome and the party move forward united to a bigger and better future. See here for details of English Democrat policies. I will report on progress in due course.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

British Democratic Party Inaugural Meeting in the South West

A Sunday in mid-May saw the long-awaited inaugural meeting of the British Democratic Party in the South West. Ex-British National Party members and other disillusioned Nationalists who had drifted into other minor Nationalist parties, came together from across the region at a splendid venue in South Gloucestershire,in a spirit of unity, forgetting old rivalries and divisions to work together and take forward the Nationalist agenda in the West Country.

Steering Group members, Michaela Mackenzie, Joan Bridge-Taylor, Bruce Cowd and Robert Baggs spoke at the meeting, explaining their shared vision for the future including short and long- term targets to progress the party.

Main speaker Andrew Brons MEP spoke inspiringly on the future of Nationalism in Britain, explaining the British Democratic Party was now the only alternative there is to save our nation from the evils that face it. Andrew said that the BNP had now all but collapsed, with a very poor vote for them at elections earlier this month together with an active membership that had dropped to almost nil. He said that as the BNP was going through its death throes, the members had sought an alternative and had joined the smaller Nationalist parties such as the English Democrats, the National Front and the British Freedom Party to name a few, but had become disillusioned with the direction these parties were taking and many had, for a while, simply drifted into a non-political life. However, the arrival of the British Democratic Party has been seen as a much more positive alterative with many old hands returning to the fold. Andrew explained that, as time was not on our side we had to be sure that the BDP was viable and built on sound foundations, so rather than rushing into establishing a new party that might collapse almost as soon as it began, as several other new parties had done of late, it was crucial we got it right. He said that this decision had been proved correct, with the BDP Statement of Policy, the Constitution, written to take account of the failures of other parties, and a web-site. British Democratic Party, all being major foundation blocks on which the party can be built and taken forward.

The meeting came to an end with plans being agreed for the future. All those attending left in a united spirit of optimism knowing that the British Democratic Party was moving forward as the only alternative for saving this nation.